Air Canada Aeroplan Introduces Stopover Bookings: A Game-Changer for Award Travelers

In a move that’s set to delight avid travelers and points enthusiasts, Air Canada Aeroplan has introduced a public beta test feature allowing users to book complex itineraries with stopovers directly online. While this new functionality may have some limitations compared to bookings made over the phone, it marks a significant leap forward in the airline’s commitment to enhancing the booking experience for its members.

Air Canada Aeroplan: A Favorite Among Award Travelers:

Air Canada Aeroplan has long been a beloved program for savvy award travelers due to its unique flexibility, a diverse array of airline partners, and an award chart that combines region-based and distance-based calculations. The program has garnered attention for offering numerous opportunities to create exciting itineraries with stopovers, and the addition of this online booking feature takes that experience to new heights.

Stopovers: The Key to Crafting Exciting Itineraries:

A stopover is a feature in the airline industry that allows travelers to break their journey at an intermediate point for more than 24 hours. It’s a fantastic way to explore multiple destinations for the price of one, making it a sought-after option for those looking to maximize their travel experiences.

What Makes Air Canada Aeroplan Stand Out:

Air Canada Aeroplan’s allure lies in its wide-ranging partnerships with various airlines, making it one of the most versatile loyalty programs globally. With the ability to add a stopover to a one-way award for an additional 5,000 miles, members have the opportunity to embark on exciting multi-destination journeys.

A Real-World Example:

To illustrate the potential of this new online feature, let’s consider a hypothetical journey. You could book a flight from Newark to Lisbon with a 23-hour layover in Warsaw. After three days in Lisbon, continue your adventure to Abu Dhabi via a 23-hour layover in Manchester. This unique itinerary could be yours for 115,000 miles in business class. The complexity and creativity of these journeys are only limited by your imagination.

The New Online Booking Feature:

Air Canada Aeroplan’s new online stopover booking feature can be accessed through their official website. By choosing the “Multi-city / Stopover (BETA)” option, members can begin crafting their ideal itineraries. Although there are some limitations compared to phone bookings, this tool simplifies the booking process for most travelers, allowing them to customize and manage their journeys conveniently.

Limitations and What to Expect:

The new online booking tool is currently in its beta phase, and as with any new technology, there are some limitations to be aware of. For instance, itineraries booked online can include a maximum of four segments in each direction, compared to the six segments available when booking over the phone. This means that some complex itineraries might still require assistance from a phone agent.

The New Standard for Booking Flexibility:

In conclusion, Air Canada Aeroplan’s introduction of the ability to book itineraries with stopovers online is a significant step toward enhancing the booking experience for award travelers. While the tool has some restrictions, it empowers travelers to create unique journeys that are only limited by their creativity. As the tool evolves, it may streamline the booking process for even more complex itineraries, making award travel more accessible and exciting for all members.

Overall, this innovative feature marks a turning point in the loyalty program industry, showing that Air Canada Aeroplan is committed to providing its members with unparalleled opportunities for enriching their travel experiences.

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