American Airlines Loyalty Games: Halfway Update and Surprising Twists

In the world of loyalty programs, American Airlines brought about significant changes earlier this year, introducing a new way for AAdvantage members to earn elite status. The traditional metrics of Elite Qualifying Miles and Elite Qualifying Dollars were replaced with a fresh concept – Loyalty Points (LP). What sets this transformation apart is the fact that LP can be earned not just through flying but also via credit card spending, shopping portals, and more. This shift ignited the start of the AA Loyalty Games, a spirited competition among some savvy travelers.

One key aspect of this overhaul was the extension of the elite status qualification window for 2022. Members were given 14 months (from January 2022 through February 2023) to earn enough points for elite status, rather than the standard 12 months (from March through February). It was a golden opportunity for participants in the AA Loyalty Games.

The objective was simple: to accumulate sufficient Loyalty Points to attain AAdvantage Platinum Pro status, with one vital constraint – the value of the redeemable miles and Loyalty Points earned had to surpass the fees and rewards foregone due to opting for this challenge over other options. After a couple of months, participants revealed their initial results, and surprisingly, one of them was leading the pack.

However, much has changed in the past five months. The travel landscape has been in a state of flux, the AA eShopping Portal’s pace has slowed, and some of the promising deals faced delays or reversals. Additionally, participants embarked on the 3Cards3Continents challenge, introducing new dynamics to the competition.

Now, at the halfway point of the 14-month earning period, it’s time for a check-in to see how the participants are faring. While the order hasn’t shifted since March, the competition is growing more intense.

The AA Loyalty Games Posts and Tools

For those intrigued by the idea of earning American Airlines elite status without the need for flying, a series of posts related to AA Loyalty Games is available to explore. These posts offer insights into the program and its nuances, providing valuable information for anyone considering a similar challenge.

A Look at the Participants’ Progress

  1. Greg’s Journey: Greg made a strong start, leveraging obscure portal deals on items like dog food and bite aligners to earn miles and Loyalty Points. At the beginning of March, he had achieved approximately 16% of his goal of 125,000 Loyalty Points by February 2023. Since then, Greg’s progress has continued, and he’s now a little over one-third of the way to Platinum Pro. Despite a busier schedule, Greg’s commitment to earning points remains strong.
  2. Nick’s Adventure: Nick kicked off the competition at an impressive pace, earning over 38,000 Loyalty Points in the first two months. His efforts, fueled by deals like Verizon “half clawbacks,” brought him close to the threshold for Platinum status. In the past five months, Nick’s progress has continued, and he’s now within reach of Platinum status, having earned a total of 69,700 Loyalty Points. His approach includes a mix of deals, particularly with Verizon, to maintain a steady flow of LPs.
  3. Tim’s Update: As of August 5, 2022, Tim has earned 82,080 Loyalty Points, with an additional 9,710 points pending. This expected total of 91,790 LPs represents significant progress, putting him at 65.7% of his goal of earning 125,000 AA Loyalty Points. Tim is optimistic about his progress so far, given that he’s nearly three-quarters of the way to Platinum Pro, with seven months left to obtain the remaining 32,210 points.

What’s Next for the AA Loyalty Games?

As the competition heats up and the halfway point is behind them, the participants are gearing up for the final rounds of the AA Loyalty Games. While initial standings set the stage for an intriguing contest, a new twist has emerged – another member of the Frequent Miler team has joined the competition, sending a clear message that he’s in the game and ready to challenge the front-runners.

The AA Loyalty Games are a testament to the dynamism and innovation within loyalty programs. As the participants chase their elite status dreams, they also inspire others to explore unconventional ways to maximize their rewards and benefits. The next chapters in this exciting competition promise surprises, challenges, and, ultimately, valuable lessons in the world of loyalty programs and travel rewards.

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