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Planning a Hassle-Free Getaway? Check Out These Top 10 Travel Booking Sites Worldwide!

Nowadays, booking tickets and hotels online has become a common thing. Among the plethora of travel booking sites out there, let’s delve into the 10 most renowned ones., a travel insights platform, frequently releases visitor data for websites in the tourism world. They gathered this data using SimilarWeb, and for this particular list, the information is based on October 2013. So, let’s unveil the curtain on the world’s most popular travel booking sites, as seen through the lens of CNN Travel on a Tuesday back in November 2013.

1. – The King of Vacation Bookings

Bagging the top spot is, widely favored by British travelers. No denying, that this site reigns supreme in holiday reservations and still holds the most trustworthy name in the business.

2. – Navigating to the Best Destinations

In the second position, we have If you’re ever puzzled about where to head for your next getaway, give this site a whirl. It doesn’t just offer reviews but allows you to book directly through the official hotel websites. No need to open multiple tabs; one click, and it’s booked!

3. – Hunting for Hotels Without the Fuss, sitting comfortably in third place, comes with its unique concept. It’s not just about finding hotels; it also has a special touch for discount hunters. So, if you’re keen on saving some bucks, this site is a gem. No need to worry about exceeding your budget!

4. – Savings Galore with Expedia

Who doesn’t know This travel booking site has become a regular for many. The savings aren’t just on ticket prices; it’s also about saving time. That’s why many opt for Expedia; it’s not just about saving money but time too.

5. – Online Ticket Booking Giant in Asia

When we talk about Asia, comes to mind. specializes in online ticket booking in Asia. So, if you’re planning a trip to an Asian destination, don’t forget to check It ensures plenty of choices and pocket-friendly prices!

6. – Affordable Deals in the U.S.

In sixth place, we have Especially for those in the United States, this site offers a plethora of budget-friendly options. Again, not just for flights but also for many hotel promos that won’t dent your wallet!

7. – The British Version of TripAdvisor

The UK version of TripAdvisor also made it to the list! It makes it even easier for travelers from the UK to book tickets or hotels. Moreover, you can check reviews directly from other fellow travelers. How cool is that?

8. – Brazil’s New Style

This one’s unique!, though relatively new among travel booking sites, quickly secured a spot in the top 10. Rumor has it that many travelers from Brazil love using it. So, if you’re looking for a new style, give it a shot; who knows, it might become your regular!

9. – Explore the U.S. with Ease

In the ninth position, we have If you’re in the United States, this site can be your best friend. not only helps you find flight tickets but also provides a ton of exciting information for travelers. In short, exploring the United States just got easier!

10. – A Popular Choice in China

Last but not least, we have, renowned in China. So, if you’re planning a trip to China, drop by this site! offers many choices and has undoubtedly built a good reputation there.

So, there you have it—the top 10 travel booking sites worldwide according to No need to stress about finding a place to book tickets or hotels; just pick the one that suits your needs. Your vacation just got a lot more enjoyable and budget-friendly. May your holiday be filled with excitement and drama-free! Safe travels, everyone!

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