Delta has released a handful of dates of business class saver availability between JFK and Zurich during the month of November. This availability was spotted by View from Wing via Thrifty Traveler Premium. Normally, we wouldn’t take the time to let readers know about a few days of business availability on one route, but Gary noted in his post that several dates have 4 seats available…and it’s actually much better than that. These dates currently have up to 8 seats available. 

While the availability shows up on Delta, they absolutely kill their own members on pricing, making Virgin Atlantic the best way to book.


The Deal

  • Delta business class from JFK to Zurich in November for 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles each way for up to 8 passengers
  • Virgin is a transfer partner of American Express, Bilt, Citi, Chase and Capital One. Transfers are instant for Amex, Citi and Chase. Transfer time for Bilt and Capital One is unknown.

Here’s current availability from JFK-ZRH. This calendar is for 8 passengers and I clicked through each date to confirm that the availability was actually there:

Here’s the return availability from Zurich, again for 8 passengers. There’s a few additional dates with 2-4 seats available:

Check out this trick from Greg about booking with Virgin and how to trick the site into giving you the monthly calendar view.

Quick Thoughts

This is a specific, shoulder-season route and won’t be terribly useful for many folks. But having this many seats come open in Delta business at one time is a bit of a unicorn…especially since it’s all available to book via Virgin Atlantic. For those that need the space and can use it, it’s quite an availability drop.

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