Drive and Fly High with Etihad Guest: Earn 20,000 Bonus Miles with Avis

Travel enthusiasts have a fantastic opportunity to enhance their journeys and earn lucrative rewards with Etihad Guest’s latest offer in collaboration with Avis. This promotion presents a unique chance to gain 20,000 bonus miles when you book a mid-size or larger Avis rental car for three days or more. While the window to book is short, the rewards are remarkable, and this offer can be repeated for up to three rentals, making it a noteworthy deal for travelers in need of a car rental.

The Offer Details:

Etihad Guest is extending this exciting offer to travelers, providing them with the opportunity to earn 20,000 bonus miles. To take advantage of this deal, follow these key terms:

  • The offer is valid in the USA (excluding Alaska), Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  • Eligible Participants include Etihad Guest members globally.
  • The booking window is from August 2, 2022, to August 5, 2022.
  • Car pick-ups are scheduled from September 1, 2022, to November 30, 2022.
  • The rental period should be a minimum of three consecutive days.
  • Avis car rentals in the C group or above qualify for this promotion.
  • The offer can be applied to a maximum of three reservations created during the promotional period.
  • The 20,000 bonus miles will be credited to the member’s account 4 to 6 weeks after each eligible car rental is completed.

Making the Most of This Offer:

To maximize the benefits of this promotion, travelers should consider these essential strategies:

  1. Be Kind and Courteous: When contacting Avis and Etihad Guest, remember to be polite and courteous, as customer service agents may have the discretion to approve your extension request.
  2. Explain Why You Need It: When seeking an extension for your free night certificate, provide a valid reason. For instance, mention upcoming travel plans and how the extension aligns with your itinerary.
  3. Call Again if Denied: If your request is declined initially, don’t argue with the agent. Politely thank them for their time and call again later to explore further options.

Etihad Guest’s offer to earn 20,000 bonus miles through Avis car rentals is an appealing proposition for travelers. While the offer’s booking window is limited, it presents an excellent opportunity for those in need of car rentals. By following the terms and recommendations mentioned, travelers can potentially save on their car rental costs while simultaneously accruing valuable Etihad Guest miles. This is a win-win scenario for travel enthusiasts seeking a rewarding and cost-effective experience on their journeys.

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