The Bakkt app has a useful promotion at the moment that can earn you 2,900 Wyndham Rewards points free.

The Deal

  • Earn 1,000 Wyndham Rewards points when linking your account in the Bakkt app
  • Earn 1,500 Wyndham Rewards points when redeeming at least 100 Wyndham Rewards points for cash in the Bakkt app.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • To receive up to 2,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, a Wyndham Rewards Member who resides in the United States (excluding Members who (i) reside in Hawaii; and/or (ii) have previously converted Wyndham Rewards points to cash or paid using Wyndham Rewards points with Bakkt) must, between August 25, 2022 and September 8, 2022: (1) add the Wyndham Rewards Program to their Bakkt account for the first time (after which they will receive 1,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points (a “Linking Bonus”)), then (2) either: (a) make a purchase using Wyndham Rewards points with the Bakkt app for the first time ; OR (b) convert Wyndham Rewards points to cash with the Bakkt app for the first time (after which they will receive 1,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, hereinafter a “Step 2 Bonus”).
  • Limit of one (1) Step 2 Bonus per Member, even in the case of a Member who completes both step 2(a) and step (2b) between August 25, 2022 and September 8, 2022.
  • Wyndham Rewards Members who don’t yet have a Bakkt account can open one for free by downloading the Bakkt app from their app store, accepting the Terms of Use and providing the information requested; the Wyndham Rewards program can be added to a Member’s Bakkt account by clicking “Rewards” within the Bakkt app, selecting the Wyndham Rewards Program and then providing the information requested.
  • This offer, taken together with all other Bakkt Wyndham Rewards promotions conducted prior to this offer, are limited to the first one million (1,000,000) Wyndham Rewards Members to participate, and there is a maximum of one (1) Linking Bonus, and one (1) Step 2 Bonus per Wyndham Rewards Member.
  • Each Bonus will usually be posted to an eligible Wyndham Rewards Member’s Wyndham Rewards account twenty-four (24) hours after such Member has completed the applicable qualifying activity. Members who have elected to earn airline miles in their Member profile and qualify for one (1) or more of the Bonuses hereunder will earn such Bonus(es) in Wyndham Rewards points.

Quick Thoughts

This is an easy win. I did this previously, when the bonus was 3,000 points and it only took me a few minutes to earn a net 2,900 Wyndham Rewards points. After downloading the Bakkt app it only took a couple of minutes to register and then link my Wyndham account.

The 1,000 bonus points from that first step showed up straight away. I later redeemed 100 of those points for $0.35, at which point the 2,000 bonus points from the second step showed up.

Bakkt Wyndham points credited

Earning 2,900 net points + $0.35 for a few minutes of work was worth it to me even though I don’t anticipate using the Bakkt app again in the future.

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Stephen Pepper is on an 8 year, 50 state road trip with his wife Shae and their dog Truffles. Finding opportunities to earn miles and points is one of the ways they can afford to do this, so he’ll try to help you do the same for your own travels.

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