MH370 Captain Zaharie. Image: YouTube.

An updated and refined study into the disappearance of MH370 suggests that the pilot Captain Zaharie Shah may have been disoriented possibly caused by hypoxia.

The study’s co-author aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey said in a statement the following:

“We have presented evidence [in the new report] that there was an active pilot until the end of the MH370 flight. We have also presented evidence that the pilot may have been disoriented, which can be caused by hypoxia.

“I am on the record publicly as stating that my private opinion is that the pilot was Captain Zaharie Shah. I have always made it clear that this is based only on circumstantial evidence and is not proven.”

You can read the full statement here

Using a revolutionary new tracking method called WSPRnet the new report finds that MH370 crashed between 00:22 UTC and 00:27 UTC, which is 8.22 am and 8.27 am local time.

The report says that at 00:22 UTC the position from the WSPRnet analysis was estimated to be 30.00°S 98.70°E. At 00:26 UTC the position from the WSPRnet analysis was estimated to be 30.57°S 98.75°E. 

The crash location is further north than previously thought and up to 42 nmi South East of the 7th Arc off Western Australia.




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