There are three stackable offers available for Craftsy that can not only make you a small profit, but will also earn you more than 4,000 American Airlines miles and Loyalty Points which can help in your quest for AAdvantage status.

Craftsy SimplyMiles 45x

The Deals

  • SimplyMiles – Earn 45 miles per $1 at Craftsy on a purchase of $89.99+
  • Citi Offer – Get 97% back at Craftsy on a purchase of $89.99+
  • Earn up to 20% cashback at Craftsy via shopping portals.

Key Terms

Craftsy Citi Offer 97% back

Quick Thoughts

While this is a profitable stack regardless, it’s a particularly useful set of deals if you’re working towards American Airlines status seeing as it’s a way to get you closer to the next status level while making money rather than being out of pocket.

A Craftsy subscription costs $89.99 which is why both the SimplyMiles and Citi Offer make reference to that amount. You need to load the Citi Offer to whichever Citi card you want to pay with, then make sure that card is linked to your SimplyMiles account and load the SimplyMiles offer to your account.

The Citi Offer gets you 97% back as a statement credit which means you get $87.29 back for a net cost of $2.70. At the time of writing this post, the MaxRebates shopping portal is offering 20% cashback when clicking through to Craftsy and paying for a subscription, so that’s $18 cashback. Subtract the $2.70 net cost and you’ll come out $15.30 ahead cash-wise.

What makes this even more worthwhile is what you earn from SimplyMiles. The 45x earn rate means you’ll earn 4,050 AAdvantage miles along with 4,050 Loyalty Points. Gold status in the AAdvantage program only requires 30,000 Loyalty Points, so even if you’ve ignored the Loyalty Points games so far this year, 4,050 Loyalty Points can give you a good start seeing as you currently have another six months to earn enough Loyalty Points for the current status year.

Something worth being aware of is that with Craftsy being a subscription, you’ll have to cancel it at some point. As per the Craftsy website:

If you would like to cancel automatic renewal, call customer service at: 1 (888) 891-7203 or click here . Your membership access will continue through your expiration date.

Their FAQs lists an alternative method of cancelling:

We are confident you will enjoy your Premium Membership. If for any reason you want to cancel auto renewal please contact us by email at or you can go directly to your account online. You will continue to have access to Craftsy through the remainder of your current term.

I’d recommend waiting until you’ve earned the statement credit, AA miles and Loyalty Points and had the shopping portal cashback become payable (rather than only tracked) before cancelling just in case cancelling before a certain point invalidates one or more of them.

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