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Stackable Craftsy Offers: Earn Money, Miles, and Loyalty Points

Craftsy, a popular platform for craft enthusiasts, is not only a hub for honing your creative skills but also a place where you can craft a brilliant financial deal. Currently, there are three enticing stackable offers available that can not only put money back in your wallet but also earn you more than 4,000 American Airlines miles and Loyalty Points, propelling you closer to your AAdvantage status goals. Let’s unravel these crafty deals and see how they can benefit you.

The Craftsy Stackable Offers:

Here’s a closer look at the three offers that can turn your Craftsy subscription into a rewarding experience:

  1. SimplyMiles Offer – Earn 45 Miles per $1: Craftsy presents a fantastic SimplyMiles offer, allowing you to earn a whopping 45 miles for every dollar spent on a purchase of $89.99 or more. Craftsy’s vast selection of courses and materials makes it easy to hit this spending threshold.
  2. Citi Offer – Get 97% Cashback: Citi cardholders can celebrate big savings with a 97% cashback deal when making a purchase of $89.99 or more at Craftsy. This generous offer provides a statement credit of $87.29, leaving you with a mere $2.70 net cost for your Craftsy subscription.
  3. Shopping Portals Cashback – Up to 20%: To amplify your savings even further, Craftsy collaborates with shopping portals, offering up to 20% cashback on your Craftsy subscription purchase. A simple click-through to Craftsy from the portal can put a substantial sum back in your pocket.

The Craftsy Subscription:

A Craftsy subscription is available for $89.99, aligning with the spending thresholds for both the SimplyMiles and Citi Offers. This makes it incredibly convenient to leverage these offers to your advantage.

How to Stack the Offers:

To unlock the full potential of these Craftsy offers, follow these steps:

  1. Load the Citi Offer: Ensure you have loaded the Citi Offer to your Citi card. This step is crucial for receiving the 97% cashback.
  2. Connect Citi Card to SimplyMiles: Link your Citi card to your SimplyMiles account, making you eligible for the exceptional miles offer.
  3. Access Cashback via Shopping Portals: Check for cashback opportunities on shopping portals. At the time of this writing, MaxRebates offers an impressive 20% cashback.

The Craftsy Stack in Action:

By stacking these Craftsy offers you can enjoy a profitable deal. Here’s a breakdown of the savings and earnings:

  • Citi Offer: A 97% cashback statement credit, equating to $87.29.
  • Shopping Portal Cashback: Up to 20% cashback, amounting to $18.
  • Net Cost: Subtracting the Citi Offer from the cashback, you’ll have a net positive balance of $15.30.

The Rewarding Mileage:

Craftsy takes your savings a step further by offering an impressive 45x miles for every dollar spent. This means a purchase of $89.99 will earn you 4,050 AAdvantage miles and 4,050 Loyalty Points. If you’re aiming to achieve or maintain Gold status in the AAdvantage program, these miles and points provide significant progress. Remember that Gold status requires 30,000 Loyalty Points, and with an additional six months left in the year, these 4,050 Loyalty Points are a substantial step toward your status goals.

A Note on Craftsy Subscriptions:

It’s important to be aware that Craftsy operates on a subscription basis. As stated on the Craftsy website, you will need to cancel your subscription at some point. It’s advisable to wait until you’ve received the statement credit, AAdvantage miles, and Loyalty Points and have the shopping portal cashback become payable (not just tracked) before canceling your subscription. This precaution ensures that you don’t inadvertently void any of these valuable rewards.

Craftsy’s stackable offers provide a creative way to save money, earn AAdvantage miles, and work toward your AAdvantage status goals. By skillfully combining the SimplyMiles, Citi Offer, and shopping portal cashback, you can transform your Craftsy subscription into a profitable venture. This is a smart financial craft you won’t want to miss out on, making Craftsy a rewarding destination for both creative skills and financial gains.

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