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Virgin Australia’s “Switch-A-Roo” Campaign: Luring Competitor’s Frequent Flyers with Perks

Virgin Australia has embarked on a mission to entice frequent flyers from rival airlines with its innovative “Switch-A-Roo” campaign. The airline is inviting Platinum and Gold (or higher) frequent flyer members from competing airlines to apply for Velocity Gold Status under a new fast-track trial membership.

To participate, prospective members can submit a brief application via the Switch-A-Roo campaign website by September 26, 2022. Gold-level members and above from other airline loyalty programs can apply for a three-month Velocity Discover Gold Status trial membership.

The perks of Velocity Gold membership are indeed enticing. It includes complimentary lounge access, priority boarding, preferential seating, higher checked baggage allowances, and the opportunity to earn bonus points when booking and flying with Virgin Australia. The catch is that to retain Velocity Gold membership for a full year, the new member must book just one eligible flight and earn 80 Status Credits during the three-month Discover Gold trial membership.

Status Credits can also be maximized through Velocity’s Family Pooling mechanism, making it easier for members to rapidly ascend the status ranks and soon enjoy the privileges of brandishing their Velocity Platinum or Gold cards in Virgin Australia lounges, priority security queues, and during boarding.

In addition to the Switch-A-Roo campaign, Virgin Australia is unveiling exciting developments for passengers. The airline has announced plans to introduce high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi, which will be gradually installed across most of its fleet over the next 18 months, beginning before the Christmas holiday season. This new in-flight feature follows a survey of Virgin Australia customers, revealing that one in three leisure guests and almost half of Business Class passengers consider Wi-Fi essential during their travels.

Virgin Australia is stepping up the in-flight Wi-Fi game by offering a high-speed and improved experience. Business Class passengers and Beyond and Velocity Platinum members will have the privilege of complimentary Wi-Fi access. Other passengers can access Wi-Fi for a nominal fee.

The Switch-A-Roo campaign and the introduction of high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi represent Virgin Australia’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience and catering to the needs of its passengers. Frequent flyers from competitor airlines now have the opportunity to quickly attain Gold status within Virgin Australia’s Velocity program, while all passengers can soon enjoy the convenience of staying connected during their flights. These initiatives underline Virgin Australia’s reputation for innovation and customer-centric service.

Virgin Australia’s “Switch-A-Roo” campaign is not only a clever marketing move but also a means to attract passengers who wish to experience a modern and vibrant airline while enjoying the benefits of elite status. By allowing frequent flyers to switch their loyalty with ease, Virgin Australia aims to solidify its position as a go-to choice for travelers seeking a remarkable and elevated journey.

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