Food and Friendship: A Gourmet World Tour with Frequent Miler and Maisie Wilhelm

The world of travel is often associated with exploration, adventure, and the pursuit of new horizons. But it can also be a journey into the heart of culture, guided by the aromas, flavors, and stories of the cuisine in every corner of the globe. In a fascinating twist, the latest adventure from Frequent Miler’s “3 Cards, 3 Continents Challenge” embarks not only on a quest for new travel experiences but also to celebrate the global wonders of food with a special travel companion.

The Challenge Unveiled The “3 Cards, 3 Continents Challenge” is a thrilling and competitive endeavor that showcases the prowess of Greg, Nick, and Stephen in using credit card welcome bonuses to design incredible three-continent dream trips. The goal is to craft unforgettable journeys that span the world and delight travelers with unique experiences. But this year, Greg is taking this challenge to a new level by incorporating a thematic twist: exploring the culinary gems of the world.

The Mystery Travel Companion Previously, there was much speculation about who this mystery travel companion might be. From playful suggestions of “Ana” (reflecting ANA miles usage) to the idea of Cher, who can turn back time to change card selections, the true identity remained a mystery. It turns out that Greg’s travel companion is none other than Maisie Wilhelm, a dynamic and well-connected culinary guide and entrepreneur.

A Culinary Connection Greg first crossed paths with Maisie on a Zingerman’s Food Tour in Lyon and Jura, France. Their connection was instantaneous, driven by their shared passion for the culinary arts. Maisie, a knowledgeable and well-connected figure in the food industry, brought the world of Lyon’s finest chefs to life for Greg. Together, they ventured behind the scenes and tasted exquisite dishes while engaging in deep conversations with renowned culinary experts.

Maisie’s Unique Background Maisie’s journey into the culinary world has been truly remarkable. With experience working alongside Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, she delved into the world of fine dining while traveling the globe for culinary shows and humanitarian initiatives. During her adventures, she embraced a range of food experiences, from street tacos in Mexico to exquisite gelato in Italy. Along the way, she developed an invaluable network of local food experts and curated an extraordinary list of the world’s finest dining establishments.

Culinary Concierge Extraordinaire Following her experiences, Maisie embarked on her entrepreneurial path and founded @palatine__ culinary concierge. This unique business reflects her passion for providing clients with unforgettable dining experiences. Her mission is clear: “Let no calorie be wasted on mediocre food!” Her clients now benefit from her wealth of expertise and knowledge in the world of fine dining, making her a culinary concierge extraordinaire.

A Win-Win Partnership The partnership between Greg and Maisie represents a win-win scenario. As Greg embarks on his global culinary adventure, he does so in the company of an expert who shares his passion for great food. They will explore and savor the finest flavors from around the world, offering a feast for the senses and creating unforgettable memories. Simultaneously, Maisie’s culinary concierge business will receive well-deserved exposure and recognition.

A Journey to Remember This unique journey takes the “3 Cards, 3 Continents Challenge” to a new level, one that transcends mere travel. It’s a voyage of flavors, cultures, and friendships, all interwoven in a tapestry of culinary delights. The world is their oyster, and they are on a mission to savor every moment.

For those who share a passion for travel and gastronomy, this culinary expedition promises to be a tale of friendship, adventure, and extraordinary food. It’s a story worth following and celebrating, as Greg and Maisie embark on a global journey that is as much about savoring life’s finest moments as it is about seeing the world.

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