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Qantas: Navigating Turbulent Skies – A Close Look at the Financial Landscape

Qantas, Australia’s iconic flag carrier, has recently disclosed its 2022 financial results, which, though marked by significant losses, show signs of resilience in the face of continued pandemic-related challenges.’s Editor-in-Chief, Geoffrey Thomas, shares his insights on SkyNews Newsday, underlining the key takeaways from Qantas’ financial performance.

The Landscape of Qantas’ Financial Report:

Despite the headline-making underlying loss of A$1.80 billion and a statutory loss before tax of A$1.19 billion, the Qantas Group’s latest financial results were largely in line with expectations. This marks the airline’s third consecutive Statutory Loss Before Tax exceeding $1 billion, primarily attributed to the ongoing impact of the Delta and Omicron variants, coupled with the upfront expenses incurred while relaunching the airline following extended periods of lockdown.

For the entire 2022 financial year, the Group faced an Underlying Loss Before Tax of $(1.86) billion, with a Statutory Loss Before Tax of $(1.19) billion. It’s crucial to understand that the difference between these two figures is largely due to a $686 million net gain resulting from the sale of surplus land. This gain played a pivotal role in reducing the debt accumulated due to COVID-19.

Navigating Through Challenging Skies:

Qantas’ financial year was profoundly marked by the turbulence of border closures, uncertainty stemming from various COVID-19 variants, and the resulting impact on the aviation industry. The first three quarters of the year witnessed a series of challenges, while the fourth quarter brought a glimmer of hope. It saw a notable resurgence in travel demand, representing the most sustained level of recovery since the initial outbreak of the pandemic. Throughout the year, the Group’s average flying capacity was at 33% of pre-pandemic levels, concluding at an impressive 68%.

Geoffrey Thomas’ Insights:

Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of, pointed out that while the reported loss of $1.90 billion was significant, it aligned with industry forecasts. Furthermore, Thomas highlighted that there are encouraging signs that the worst may be over for the airline industry. Despite the ongoing challenges, the remarkable recovery in the fourth quarter, with flying capacity at 68% of pre-pandemic levels, reflects the resilience of both Qantas and the broader aviation sector.

Qantas’ recent financial results, though marred by substantial losses, offer a glimmer of optimism for the airline and the industry at large. Geoffrey Thomas’ insights underscore the importance of understanding the context behind these figures. As the aviation industry continues to navigate uncertain skies, adaptability, and a resilient spirit are the cornerstones of recovery. The determination to emerge stronger from these challenges remains paramount, ultimately setting the course for a brighter future in air travel.

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