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A Call for Support: The Australian Aviation Crisis During COVID-19

In April 2020, Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of, issued a stark warning that without more substantial support from the Australian government, the nation’s airlines faced a looming crisis in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appearing on both Skynews and Channel 7, Thomas highlighted the inadequate assistance provided to Virgin Australia and Qantas during these challenging times and cautioned that this neglect could lead to chaos within the airline industry.

At the heart of the issue was Virgin Australia’s plea for a $1.40 billion loan to avert bankruptcy, a plea that was met with a disappointing refusal from the Australian Government. Comparatively, Thomas pointed out that the U.S. government had allocated over $90 billion to sustain its airlines during the crisis. Moreover, many of Qantas and Virgin Australia’s global competitors enjoyed government ownership and robust financial support.

While the Australian government eventually stepped in with the JobKeeper program, which offered some relief to Qantas and Virgin Australia, it was merely a fraction of their substantial wage bills. Qantas, for instance, received over $800 million, but its wage bill over the pandemic period would have exceeded $10 billion if it had not been forced to lay off staff. This discrepancy left many overseas-owned suppliers to the airline industry without assistance.

The aviation industry had been profoundly impacted by the pandemic, and without sufficient support, the repercussions could have been catastrophic. As the crisis unfolded, Thomas emphasized the need for more substantial and targeted assistance to ensure the survival of Australia’s airlines.

Despite these challenges, Australian airlines, with the resilience and adaptability that characterizes the industry, navigated these turbulent times. However, these events underscore the critical role that government support plays in safeguarding the aviation sector, an industry essential not only for economic stability but also for connecting people and places across the vast Australian landscape.

While the immediate crisis has passed, it serves as a poignant reminder of the airline industry’s vulnerability during unprecedented global events. The support and collaboration between governments and airlines are crucial in ensuring that the industry remains resilient and continues to serve the needs of the nation.

In August 2020, Thomas reiterated his concerns about the post-COVID landscape, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support and collaboration in helping the aviation sector regain its strength and soar once more.

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