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Stack Up the Savings: Amex Offers $120 Back on Purchases

American Express cardholders have reason to rejoice with a new targeted Amex Offer that promises substantial savings on purchases. With a spending threshold of $599 or more, cardholders stand to receive a generous $120 cashback, adding another layer to the money-saving potential. This enticing offer is available for a limited time, so let’s dive into the details to maximize your savings.

The Deal Breakdown:

The Amex Offer presents a straightforward proposition: spend $599 or more on, and you’ll be eligible to receive $120 back, making it a compelling offer for those looking to upgrade their tech gear. It’s essential to note that this offer expires on October 28, 2022. Moreover, it’s applicable to transactions made on the US website, mobile app, and phone orders.

However, there are a couple of exclusions to bear in mind. The offer does not extend to e-gift card or gift card purchases and is not valid for refurbished items. While the terms are relatively standard for Amex Offers, it’s essential to review your specific offer to understand the complete terms and conditions.

The Art of Stacking Discounts:

One of the most significant advantages of this Amex Offer is its stackability. shoppers who hold a Business Platinum card will appreciate the card’s semi-annual Dell rebate, offering up to $200 in rebates per year. By judiciously splitting payments online, cardholders can optimize their savings. It’s entirely feasible to pay $600 using a card linked to the $120 Amex Offer and the remaining $200 with a Business Platinum card, resulting in a total of $320 cashback.

Strategically Timing Your Purchase:

While the immediate savings are enticing, tech-savvy shoppers may want to exercise patience and consider the broader context. often boasts impressive discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, and the cashback rates can skyrocket. For context, has recorded cashback rates as high as 16% during this shopping bonanza. This means that the $120 cashback from the Amex Offer could be combined with the double-digit payout via Rakuten, providing a more substantial return on your spending.

Don’t Miss Out:

Given the attractiveness of this offer, it is expected to be popular among American Express cardholders. Similar Amex Offers have been known to fill up and vanish quickly, so if you’re contemplating upgrading your tech gear or making a significant purchase, it’s advisable to sync the offer to your card promptly. Moreover, keep an eye out for’s upcoming sales events for even more significant savings.

American Express cardholders have a valuable opportunity to save big on purchases with the new targeted Amex Offer. The $120 cashback, stackable with other discounts and promotions, can be a game-changer for tech enthusiasts looking to upgrade their devices. Remember that this offer’s clock is ticking, so act swiftly and stack your savings while enhancing your tech gear collection.

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