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United Airlines Takes Flight with Cleared to Land: A New AvGeek Adventure

The aviation world is filled with enthusiasts who find their passion soaring to new heights with each takeoff and landing. United Airlines, known for its innovation, has been making subtle yet significant moves to earn some AvGeek credibility recently. In addition to its previously acclaimed flight simulator game, the airline has unveiled a new aviation-themed game, “Cleared to Land.” This air traffic control simulator takes players on an adventure, challenging them to guide aircraft to a safe landing. The game’s launch marks another exciting step in United’s mission to captivate both AvGeeks and travelers alike.

A Journey Through Airspace:

“Cleared to Land” takes players on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic world of air traffic control. As the player, you are tasked with drawing flight paths for inbound aircraft, ensuring their safe arrival at the designated airport. The game starts smoothly, but as the airspace becomes increasingly congested, the challenge intensifies. A single mistake can lead to a catastrophic chain of events, resulting in plane crashes and, ultimately, the end of the game.

Reminiscent of Flight Control:

Fans of aviation gaming will undoubtedly recognize the game’s resemblance to “Flight Control,” a sensation in 2010. Created by FireMint, the game gained immense popularity but faded into obscurity after FireMint’s acquisition by EA. However, a new wave of similar games has recently emerged, including “Planes Control.” The development of “Cleared to Land” was a collaborative effort between RarePixels and United Airlines’ in-house entertainment team.

United’s Star-Studded Fleet:

What sets “Cleared to Land” apart from its predecessors is the inclusion of United Airlines’ current and upcoming aircraft in its gameplay. Players take control of aircraft representing the stars of United’s fleet. While there is a nod to the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the fleet’s most technologically advanced member, the absence of the 777-300ER is notable. The Airbus A321XLR takes a prominent role in the game, acknowledging its vital role in replacing United’s aging 757s. Additionally, players get to navigate some exciting new additions to United’s fleet, such as Archer’s electric VTOL project, Heart Aerospace’s electric regional aircraft, and the Boom Overture supersonic aircraft.

How to Embark on the Journey:

For those eager to take on the challenge of “Cleared to Land,” the journey begins with these simple steps. First, ensure you have the United app installed on your device. Make sure the app has been updated in the last few weeks. Upon launching the app, locate the “more” button at the bottom of the home screen and proceed to the Game Center. There, you’ll be ready to guide your United fleet through the virtual skies.

United Airlines’ “Cleared to Land” offers aviation enthusiasts and travelers an exciting opportunity to experience the world of air traffic control firsthand. With a fleet of aircraft familiar to United’s passengers, players will find themselves immersed in a challenging and engaging game that captures the essence of aviation. This new addition to United’s app demonstrates the airline’s commitment to blending technology, innovation, and the love of aviation, creating a unique experience for AvGeeks and passengers alike.

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