Where to Go for Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Kibale Forest National Park is Uganda’s most popular primates destination. Kibale Forest National Park protects over 13 different primate species including the diurnal monkeys that are experienced, although Kibale Forest National Park chimpanzee encounter begins with the trails at Kanyanchu divided into two sessions.

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Kibale Forest National Park is Uganda’s primate’s capital offering travelers a chance to view the wild chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Kanyanchu’s chimpanzee families are habituated to get used to human beings visiting them in their natural environment. Kibale Forest National Park chimpanzee tracking at Kanyanchu begins with the morning or afternoon briefing for the dos and don’ts. Kibale Forest National Park’s chimpanzee tracking takes place in the morning and the afternoon.

Kibale Forest National Park is the only national park in Uganda offering chimpanzee habituation experience CHEX allows tourists to spend more time with the chimpanzees in their splendid environment, and chimpanzee habituation experience allows tourists to be escorted by researchers, Uganda wildlife experienced rangers.

Kibale Forest National Park chimpanzee habituation experience CHEX takes approximately four hours which starts with an early morning briefing regarding the rules and regulations of chimpanzee tracking at Kanyanchu. tourists can watch chimpanzee families wake up from an overnight nest between 6:00 am to 6:30 am before chimpanzee start their daily activities like hunting, breastfeeding, copulating, resting, and patrolling by males. Tourists must book for chimpanzee habituation experience 6 months before their travel dates.

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Kalinzu forest is a Ugandan natural protected forest set in the Bushenyi district in southwestern Uganda, Kalinzu forest reserve is up close to Uganda’s finest safari destination Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kalinzu forest reserve protects over 378 bird species,6 primate species, 414 different tree species, butterfly species, wildflower species, and reptile’s species among wildlife animals.

Kalinzu Forest reserve is also another famous Chimpanzee tracking adventure in their natural jungle, named the second-best chimpanzee-tracking encounter after Kibale Forest National Park, Kalinzu forest protects over 300 chimpanzee population that is habituated and ready to be experienced on your Uganda’s primate safari.

Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking encounter can be done in two sessions, one being in the morning or in the afternoon everyday chimpanzee tracking encounter starts with a briefing at UWA headquarters within the park where tourists are taught about dos and the don’ts expected while tracking kalinzu forest.

Budongo forest is another of Uganda’s chimpanzee hubs, Budongo forest offers an unmatched chimpanzee tracking experience that satisfies tourists’ expectations at affordable rates, Budongo forest is a tropical rain forest situated en route to Murchison Falls National Park one of Uganda’s finest savannah national parks.

Budongo forest is one of Uganda’s biggest mahogany forests accommodating over 6 chimpanzee families with each family having over 80 individuals, Budongo forest chimpanzee tracking also offers two memorable best tracking sessions, tourists can either track chimpanzees in the morning or in the afternoon, Budongo forest also protects over 9 primate species, 460 tree species,130 moths,370 bird species, and 24 small mammals.

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Kyambura gorge is a sink fault that resulted from the volcanic eruption which created a tropical rainforest set in the Eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda. Kyambura Gorge occupies over 16 kilometers. Kyambura Gorge is also famous as ‘’the Valley of Apes’’. Kyambura was created by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to act as a buffer zone.

Kyambura gorge chimpanzee tracking is worth the experience in the Ugandan Savannah occupied gorge offering tourists an opportunity to view the chimpanzee families, although, Kyambura gorge chimpanzees are mobile compared to Kibale forest national park, Kalinzu forest chimpanzee tracking.

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The best time to go chimpanzee tracking in Uganda takes place in the long dry season of June, July, August, & October and in the short dry season of December, January, February, and march Is also another great wonder to go chimpanzee tracking in Uganda but tourist can also enjoy chimpanzee tracking due to less demand for chimpanzee tracking permits and discounted accommodation facilities.

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