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Traveling Stay Enjoyable: Relaxed Tips to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Hello, fellow adventurers who never tire of savoring the beauty of the world! If you’ve made it here, it means you’re the type of person who loves to explore and seeks the thrill of adventure. In this article, we will delve deeper into tricks and relaxed tips to keep our belongings safe and our journey enjoyable. Previously, we discussed securing our homes while away, and now, let’s explore another exciting aspect of adventure: safeguarding our belongings.

  1. Passport: The Key to World Adventures The passport, is not just a piece of paper, but the key to the entrance of various adventures around the world. Before embarking on your journey, it’s wise to send a copy of your passport to your personal and family email. So, if the original passport suddenly goes missing or falls victim to mischievous hands, we still have a backup. Also, make sure to keep the passport securely in the hotel room. So, if our everyday bag is forgotten in a restaurant or taxi, at least the passport remains safe. Remember, don’t forget to include the emergency contact number of your credit card in our backup email. Better to be safe than sorry!
  2. Suitcase: A Fun Mobile Safe Some hotels do provide safes, but often their size is relatively small. Usually, these safes can only accommodate passports and spare credit cards. Well, if we’re carrying a laptop or other equally important electronic items, it might be wiser to lock these items in the suitcase. Although a suitcase can be moved around, we can be thankful that only the bravest would attempt to carry off such a large suitcase. Moreover, a large suitcase will definitely be visible on the hotel’s surveillance cameras. It’s impossible to fit it into a pocket!
  3. Ordinary Bag, but Still Cool Have you ever felt like your camera or laptop bag is constantly screaming, “Steal me, I’m valuable!” Well, now we have another trick. Use layered sleeves to protect the laptop and layered pouches for the camera, then hide everything in the everyday bag we usually carry. This way, no one will suspect that we’re carrying valuable items. As an additional suggestion, choose a shoulder bag or messenger bag with a zipper. This will make it harder for pickpockets in crowded places.
  4. Identify All Items: We believe that most people have good intentions, right? So, if we happen to forget or leave something in a public place, there might be someone willing to return it. To facilitate the return process, attach our contact information such as address, phone number, and email to all bags, including the everyday bag. I usually write, “If lost, please return to ________ for a reward” on my tags. It’s a kind of positive spirit to motivate those who find our belongings to return them.
  5. Insurance: A Faithful Companion on the Journey Before setting out, make sure to check what is covered by our home or rental insurance. Generally, this insurance covers losses up to a certain amount for items stolen while traveling. For me, having travel insurance is a must. In addition to protecting the cost of replacing lost items, this insurance also covers medical expenses and other costs that may arise if our journey is suddenly hindered or canceled.
  6. Manage Time Wisely Besides taking care of our belongings, manage our travel time wisely. Ensure that we allocate enough time for rest, enjoying new places, and exploring the beauty around us. Don’t be too fixated on the itinerary so that the beauty of the journey isn’t overlooked. Adjust according to the conditions and our desires at that moment.
  7. Take Care of Your Health During the journey, health is the main asset. Make sure to bring any necessary medications, especially if we have specific health conditions. Maintain a healthy intake of food and drinks, avoid questionable food, and always wash hands before eating.

By applying the tips and tricks above, may our journey become more comfortable and exciting. Don’t forget to always check the insurance and stay vigilant. Hopefully, this article is useful and inspires adventurers out there. Travel safe, friends!

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